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Sept 15 2015: How to Create Your Active Archive with Hybrid Cloud
Computer Technology Review
Dec 11 2014: Reducing Energy Consumption and Cost in the Data Center
Data Center Knowledge
Oct 8 2014: Empress Media Asset Management Joins Active Archive Alliance
Oct 6 2014: Rebooting Deduplication in Your Next-Generation Data Center
Data Center Knowledge
Oct 3 2014: Control Storage Costs Through Insight & Action
June 23 2014: Scality RING Selected by Los Alamos National Laboratory
Security @ IT Business Net

June 2 2014:

NASA Ames Wrangles Data with Active Archive
Inside HPC

Apr 29 2014:

Archiving solutions at NAB: saving more for later
Randi Altman's Post Perspective
Apr 8 2014: The Active Archive Alliance Saving You From Unstructured Data

Mar 13 2014:

Interview: Active Archives for Managing and Storing Big Data
Inside Big Data

Mar 6 2014:

Molly Rector: DataDirect Networks, Active Archive Alliance Aim to Help Users Meet Storage Demands

Mar 5 2014: DataDirect Networks Brings Object Storage and Cloud Expertise to Active Archive Alliance
DataDirect Networks
Feb 7 2014: Building a better archival storage strategy
Jan 27 2014: Spot the joints: You say backup, I say archiving
The Register
Jan 8 2014: Storage in 2014: An overview
Jan 2 2014: Big Data and analytics: The year ahead
ZDNet News
Jan 2 2014: Top 5 Data Predictions
Inside HPC
Dec 19 2013: Data-Retention Trends for 2014: Expect Much More Automation
Dec 16 2013: Cleversafe: New Tiered Storage and Caching Capabilities
Storage Newsletter
Nov 17 2013: How government organizations can benefit from active archiving
Government Security News
Nov 13 2013: 15 Storage Companies at Active Archive Alliance
Storage Newsletter
Nov 6 2013: Active Archive Grows with Rising Demand for Long-Term Storage of Unstructured Data
Inside HPC
Oct 1 2013: SGI Acquires FileTek
Sept 18 2013: Tape Storage Council Sends Memo to Storage Industry
Tape Storage Council
Sept 11 2013: 14 Things You Need to Know About Data Storage Management
Aug 8 2013: University of Colorado Boulder Libraries Select FileTek's StorHouse ForeverNAS to Actively Archive Digital Media Assets
Aug 7 2013: Silicon Graphics International Management Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Seeking Alpha
Aug 6 2013: Crossroads Systems and Mainline Information Systems Sign National Partnership
Market Wired
Aug 1 2013: XenData and axle Video To Provide Affordable, Easy To Use Digital Video Archive Solutions
Broadcast Engineering
July 17 2013: Schrödinger Selects FileTek StorHouse for Life Sciences to Actively Archive, Back Up, and Access Vital Research and Product Data
Enterprise Storage Forum
July 2013: 2013 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report
Coughlin Associates
June 27 2013: Six Tips for Media Storage in a Big Data World
Enterprise Storage Forum
June 19 2013: Archiving technology boosts storage efficiency
June 12 2013: Active Archive Alliance To Host a Special Panel at the 2013 Creative Storage Conference
Sound & Picture
May 23 2013: QStar Archive Manager Software is First to Comprehensively Support LTFS Across All Tape Drives and Libraries
Apr 25 2013: University of Bristol Creates Active Archive with Spectra Logic
Inside HPC
Apr 10 2013: Scality Joins the Active Archive Alliance
Cornell University
Apr 8 2013: Crossroads Systems Releases End-to-End Archive
Cornell University
Apr 1 2013: Another Member of Active Archive Alliance [Quantum]
Cornell University
Mar 21 2013: Tiered Storage and Archiving
Cornell University
Mar 21 2013: Tape the Choice for Active Archive
DCS Europe
Mar 19 2013: University of Bristol Selects 2PB Capacity Spectra Logic Tape Library for Active Archive of File Data
Mar 18 2013: Use a tiered storage model to achieve capacity utilization efficiency
Mar 8 2013: Spectra to Archive NASCAR Productions Video Footage
Feb 5 2013: Economic Realities of Archive Storage
Enterprise Storage Forum
Jan 28 2013: Top 5 Backup Trends (Plus 5 Bonus Trends for Active Archiving)
Enterprise Storage Forum
Jan 22 2013: Tape's Modern Role as Shared Storage
Jan 21 2013: Another Firm Supporting LTO-6: QStar
Storage Newsletter
Jan 21 2013: Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy Using Grau Data Archivemanager
Storage Newsletter
Jan 8 2013: Cleversafe Joins the Active Archive Alliance
Sys-Con Media
Jan 8 2013: Plot an Effective Archive Strategy
Information Week
Jan 4 2013: CSC, Cleversafe Join Data Archiving Industry Alliance; Steven Baxter Comments
Dec 6 2012: Latin American Pay TV Service Selects StorHouse for
Media and Entertainment to Manage Video Media Archive Library

Nov 9 2012: Active Archive Not just for the enterprise anymore
Nov 6 2012: Tape changes vendor's storage perceptions
Nov 6 2012: Tape Summit Examines How Tape Is Backing Up New Technologies
Sys-Con Media
Nov 2 2012: Daystrom Gains Active Archive Certified Architect Standing
Sept 5 2012: Glacier not as Death Nail for Tape
Storage Newsletter
Sept 5 2012: University of Bristol Deploys FileTek StorHouse for Big Data Storage
Sept 4 2012: Today's Tape Market Offers Improved Data Access and Integrity
Aug 6 2012: Tape is in it for the long haul
Jul 26 2012: Ten Properties of the Perfect Big Data Storage Architecture
Jul 26 2012: The Deciding Factor: Big Data and Decision Making
Jul 26 2012: QStar Unveils First Software-Based LTFS Volume-Spanning Capability for Tape Libraries
Jun 26 2012: Sanity Solutions Receives Active Archive Architect Certification
Sanity Solutions
Jun 25 2012: Video: Spectra Logic Brings High Performance to Big Data Tape at ISC '12
Jun 19 2012: Crossroads Executive VP David Cerf to Speak at 2012 Creative Storage Conference
NBC News
Jun 19 2012: HPC News Blizzard from ISC
Jun 17 2012: How Can We Keep Big Video Content Safe?
May 21 2012: Tape Marketing Group Arises From Our Tape Summit
May 15 2012: Active Archive Certified Architect Program Announced
Business Solutions
May 1 2012: DESIGNING an active archive system
Broadcast Engineering
Apr 27 2012: How To Protect The Big Data Archive
Information Week
Apr 9 2012: Final Thoughts from Spring SNW 2012
Mar 13 2012: What is the Next Big Thing in Data Storage?
Mar 6 2012: NERSC Implements Tape-Based Active Archive
Mar 1 2012: Comparing LOT-6 to Scale-Out Storage for Long-Term Retention
Storage Switzerland
Feb 26 2012: Pro TECHnology to Exhibit QStar Digital Active Archive Solutions at CABSAT 2012
Jan 11 2012: GeoEye Selects Cleversafe for Satellite Imagery Active Archive
PR Newswire
Dec 16 2011: Tape Roadmap of Information Storage Industry Consortium
Storage Newsletter
Dec 14 2011: GRAU DATA and Aal Stasjon Announce the Largest Video Archive Site in Norway
Nov 2011: International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap| Part 1: Applications and Systems
Information Storage Industry Consortium (INSIC)
Sep 8 2011: Active Archiving is key for accessible, online archives
Broadcast Engineering
Aug 31 2011: QStar and Amplidata Partner to Create Active Archive Solution
QStar Technologies
Aug 11 2011: Active Archiving Key Strategy for Accessible, Online Archive Data
Storage Newsletter
Jun 14 2011: Good Things Come in Threes
Apr 18 2011: Active Archiving can be the Answer to a Global Data Explosion
Storage Switzerland
Sep 9 2010: Intelligent Archive Needed
Jun 22 2010: File System Fronts Tape For Archived Data
May 27 2010: The Active Archive Alliance and the Burden of Education
May 3 2010: Podcast: Archives Get Active
2010: Active Archive - Data Protection for the Modern Data Center
SNIA Tutorial