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The Active Archive Alliance is a collaborative industry alliance dedicated to promoting active archives for simple access to all of your data, all of the time. Launched in early 2010, the Active Archive Alliance is a vendor neutral organization open to leading providers of tiered storage technologies including file systems, HSM, applications, cloud storage, high density tape and disk storage. This automated tiered storage approach balances speed of access with cost of storage. Members of the Alliance share best-of-breed solutions, best practices, and industry testimonials so that organizations can learn how to achieve fast, active access, to all their data in the most cost-effective manner.

The Problem & How We Are Solving It

Data creation, storage and access requirements continue to rapidly grow and evolve, yet storage budgets are not growing as fast (some not at all). Organizations are facing the problem of storing more data with less money. Creating an active archive is a way to offload Tier 1 storage and free up valuable space on expensive primary storage and still store all of an organization’s data online.

No single vendor has the complete product set or resources to solve today’s data access demands. The Active Archive Alliance was formed as the data storage industry is in need of a multi-vendor effort to:

  1. Reduce the complexity of long-term data storage
  2. Provide scalable storage solutions
  3. Reduce total cost of ownership
  4. Reduce risk of non-compliance and data loss
  5. Balance speed of access with the cost of storage