A Fresh Archive Solution for the Modern Data Center

April 25th, 2017 by Eric Polet

Modern enterprise data centers are some of the most technically sophisticated operations on earth. Ironically enough, they are also often fortresses of inefficiency, with some equipment being utilized less than 10 percent of the time, and servers being ineffective 30 percent of the time (using electricity but performing no useful information services). Storage administrators struggle to keep pace with rapid changes in computing equipment deployments and the ongoing costs of maintaining a responsive storage environment.

These problems have led organizations to focus more closely on improving their data center management. While almost every enterprise data center has taken steps to improve its operations, virtually all are less efficient, more expensive, and less flexible than they could be. Those shortcomings ultimately prevent data centers from delivering maximum business value to the organizations that own them.

Enter active archive enterprise storage solutions. A data center built around the core principals of an active archive provides an organization access to all of its data, all the time. Through unified management, regardless of tier, users have the most responsive archive implementation available that frees up valuable space on their Tier 1 storage and maximizes the value of their data. With the ability to respond to future growth and evolve as data expands, an active archive solution is one that will grow with your organization, delivering a responsive archive, built to adapt to your changing storage landscape.

As organizations continue to face challenges of storing data in this age of exponential data growth, implementing an archive is  the most affordable way to store data for the long term. Active archive solutions provide scalable data storage, designed to meet the requirements of modern data centers. With integrated policy based management to intelligently manage how, and on what tier data is stored, organizations get the highest return on investment for their storage solution. Active archive solutions bring together leaders in the storage industry to construct a customized archive solution that meets the needs of today’s enterprise organizations.

Author: Eric Polet, Emerging Markets Program Manager at Spectra Logic.

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