NAB 2019: Using Intelligent Data Management to Solve Content Growth Challenges

March 11th, 2019 by

Over the past decade, the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry has experienced an overwhelming increase in the amount of content generated due to the transition from traditional media workflows to fully digital environments. Today’s data lifecycle and storage management requirements are on a different scale from where M&E companies first started, and digital assets will continue to increase exponentially as the industry moves toward new revenue models as well as technology evolutions from HD to 4K, and soon to 8K recording.

The retention and ease of rapid accessibility of digital assets and video are vital to maintaining a competitive advantage within the M&E industry, and organizations are turning to active archive strategies to solve their content growth and management challenges. Leveraging the best technologies is critical to addressing the management requirements of large volumes of highly valued content throughout its life.

An active archive supports onsite, offsite and cloud environments, and can lower costs, strengthen data protection, improve performance, and reduce complexity.  Implementing an active archive solves complexity by leveraging an intelligent management layer while realizing the full economic benefits and long-term reliability of tape, the performance benefits of HDD and flash, and the flexibility of cloud.

To learn more, meet with members of the Active Archive Alliance atNAB 2019:

Spectra Logic (SL11516)
Quantum (SL4409)
Western Digital (SL4616)

Learn how active archive solutions are architected to leverage hybrid infrastructures and help M&E companies solve their content growth challenges.

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