The Right Combination of Tape and Cloud Storage

June 4th, 2020 by Betsy Doughty, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Spectra Logic

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused organizations around the globe to evaluate their IT infrastructures in the midst of the unparalleled impact of the pandemic. And there has never been a more important time to turn to cost-effective, reliable and established choices for archiving and preserving vast amounts of data. With long roadmaps and hundreds of technological improvements, such as advances in media substrates and coatings, tape technology and tape libraries are poised for a strong and enduring future.

Tape continues to be deployed by many of the most well-recognized brands in the world because of its low cost per gigabyte stored and its unique ability to provide an air gap, which means that data on tape can be disconnected from the network to prevent data breaches and corruption. Even cloud service providers are recognizing the advantages provided by tape over other technologies for large-scale data archiving, including tape’s lower cost, higher reliability, reduced power consumption, longer archive life and lower total cost of ownership.

In fact, some of the larger users of cloud services have realized that a hybrid cloud model makes good sense and are keeping one copy of data onsite (often on tape) and a second copy in the cloud. By this means, organizations can restore the onsite copy quickly without incurring large cloud egress costs while maintaining another copy in the cloud for disaster recovery and sharing.

Tape also helps users balance cost and access in the context of an Active Archive solution, where a combination of open system applications and different types of disk and tape solutions help users to offload data from primary storage while maintaining fast user accessibility. This approach provides a searchable, compliant format to store data throughout its lifecycle based on company policies, industry regulations and state or federal laws.

With data repositories expanding at unparalleled rates, tape technology has evolved to become an essential archiving and digital preservation piece of an organization’s best-in-class data protection plan. Spectra Logic, along with tape providers like IBM, HPE, Quantum, Fujifilm and Sony, continue to educate IT professionals on the inherent value of and improvements in tape technology.  To that end, Spectra sponsors, supports, helps, funds and manages numerous events and reports that showcase tape, including the Tape Storage Council, the Active Archive Alliance, Storage Technology Showcase, the Fujifilm Conference, INSIC, HPSS User Forum, NAB, IBC, ISC, Supercomputing, the Sports Alliance Group, and many others.

Ultimately, the right combination of tape and cloud storage makes for an intelligent and affordable solution to the problem of how to economically and safely access and preserve the relentless torrents of invaluable data rushing into organizations around the globe.

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