Active Archive Certified Architects

The Active Archive Certified Architect (AACA) program was designed to provide the essential knowledge and tools needed in order to properly implement an active archive data center environment. This includes a deep technical dive into the different applications and the tools needed to work with data center administrators to discuss, create and engineer active archive solutions. These tools help address the end user’s need to have solutions that manage the explosive growth of unstructured data.

Current AACA Members Include:

  • América Technologia

    América Tecnologia Group provides products and services for mission criticial environments to corporations, organizations and government agencies in Brazil. Founded by executives with over 30 years experience in IT,our goal is to guarantee the best assistance for our customers. We are comitted to offer the best technology – hardware and software – through partnerships with companies who share our Green IT philosophy, combining quality, economy and efficiency.

    Contact Information:

    Victor Gonçalves Marques, AACA
    Email: victor.marques@americatecnologia.com.br
    Phone: 55 21 7941 0003
    Fax: 55 21 2225-4638

  • Dataedge

    Dataedge has specialized in providing Data Management solutions to companies of all sizes across the U.S. since 1999. Within this focused area of storage, backup and archiving, we represent a wide range of products, allowing us the vendor neutral approach of first listening to our client’s needs, then finding the perfect solution for their specific environment.

    Contact Information:

    Tim Hollingshead, AACA
    Email: tim@dataedge.com
    Phone: (316) 619-6190

  • DataSpan

    DataSpan is in the data protection business. For more than 35 years, we have helped Fortune 1000 companies and start-ups alike acquire, distribute, backup, archive, and secure their data. We focus on you and your unique challenges. We can help optimize how you store, access and protect your data with solid data storage solutions. We deliver the products and services you need to stay ahead of your data well beyond tomorrow.

    Contact Information:

    Spencer Rogerson, AACA
    Email: srogerson@dataspan.com 
    Phone: (425) 408-9206
    Cell: (360) 269-3622

  • Daystrom Technology Group

    Daystrom Technology Group is a strategic advisor and expert integrator of scalable systems for digital assets and ‘big data’. Founded in 1994, Daystrom brings three core principles to every project: provide a Great Experience, Excellent Fit, and Best Value. Clients seek out our expertise for end-to-end system design, clarity checkpoints, and our Four-Point Strategy for Exceptional Results.  We thrive in mountains of data, and our commitment is to arrive with expertise and creativity and create extended value for you and your project.

    Contact Information:

    Laura Batstone, AACA
    Email: info@daystrom.com 
    Phone: 1 (800) 656-3224

  • DSN Group

    DSN is a full service infrastructure solution provider specializing in everything in the datacenter from servers, networks, power and cooling, storage and data protection. DSN began over 18 years ago as a staff aug, consulting and support organization. About 10 years ago, we added hardware and software solutions to our portfolio at the request of several of our top customers.

    Contact Information:

    Kevin Weiss
    Email: kweiss@dsngroup.net
    Phone: (888) 445-2919, Ext. 101

  • GPL Technologies

    GPL Technologies is a full service technology solutions firm focused solely on solving the production IT challenges of the Media and Entertainment industry.

    Contact Information:

    Email: admin@gpltech.com
    Phone: (310) 458-6484

  • p1 Technologies

    P1 Technologies was founded as an alternative to the traditional technology reseller who invariably find themselves beholden to a single manufacturer. By remaining manufacturer agnostic P1 Technologies can provide “best fit” solutions and put the priorities of our clients over those of the manufacturer.

    Contact Information:

    Email: sales@p1technologies.com
    Phone: (310) 374-5168
    Fax: (424) 237-1092

  • Philotek LLC

    Philotek provides our customers with turnkey data solutions based on industry proven methodologies that are tested, reliable and enterprise ready. All of Philotek’s solutions come with our guarantee of success. Philotek strives to provide customers the ability to create solutions that insure business objectives are fulfilled.

    Contact Information:

    Email: info@philotek.com
    Phone: (678) 757-5514

  • Sanity Solutions

    Sanity Solutions is a data management solutions provider that customizes and integrates intelligent solutions across Storage, Data Protection, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, & Data Center Infrastructure- creating distinctive value for every customer.

    Contact Information:

    Drew Milles, AACA
    Email: dmilles@sanitysolutions.com
    Phone: (612) 396-8323

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