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March 30, 2018

Active Archive Alliance Q1 2018 Newsletter

December 20, 2017

Active Archive Alliance Q4 2017 Newsletter

September 18, 2017

How Object Storage Supercharges the Minions Merch Business
Data Center Knowledge

August 28, 2017

How an Active Archive Helped Drive Efficiency During 2017 NFL Draft
Sports Video Group

July 18, 2017:

Petabyte-Scale Active Archive in Private Object Storage
Inside HPC

June 27, 2017:

Energy Conservation Strategy Supported by Value of Tape
Data Center Knowledge

April 2017:

2017 State of Tape Industry
Active Archive Alliance

February 8, 2017:

Oak Ridge Steps Up to Active Archive Solutions
Inside HPC

February 8, 2017:

Overcoming the Active Archive Challenges 
Storage Switzerland

December 27, 2017:

Digital Storage Predictions for 2017

December 22, 2016:

Archiving Storage Tiers

August 22, 2016:

Plot Twist: Tape Never Went Away
Computer Technology Review

August 15, 2016:

Intelligently Manage and Store Data Across Multiple Locations

January 21, 2016:

How to Manage Your Data Before it Manages You
Information Age

December 15, 2015:

Storage for the Next 5,000 Years

November 16, 2015:

2016 Storage Predictions from Active Archive Alliance
Storage Newsletter

November 15, 2015:

Buying Guide: Flash/Disk/Tape Data Storage Hybrids

September 15, 2015:

How to Create Your Active Archive with Hybrid Cloud
Computer Technology Review

December 11, 2014:

Reducing Energy Consumption and Cost in the Data Center
Data Center Knowledge

October 8, 2014:

Empress Media Asset Management Joins Active Archive Alliance

October 6, 2014:

Rebooting Deduplication in Your Next-Generation Data Center
Data Center Knowledge

October 3, 2014:

Control Storage Costs Through Insight & Action

June 23, 2014:

Scality RING Selected by Los Alamos National Laboratory
Security @ IT Business Net

June 2, 2014:

NASA Ames Wrangles Data with Active Archive
Inside HPC

April 29, 2014:

Archiving solutions at NAB: saving more for later
Randi Altman’s Post Perspective

April 8, 2014:

The Active Archive Alliance Saving You From Unstructured Data

March 13, 2014:

Interview: Active Archives for Managing and Storing Big Data
Inside Big Data

March 6, 2014:

Molly Rector: DataDirect Networks, Active Archive Alliance Aim to Help Users Meet Storage Demands

March 5, 2014:

DataDirect Networks Brings Object Storage and Cloud Expertise to Active Archive Alliance
DataDirect Networks

February 7, 2014:

Building a better archival storage strategy

January 27, 2014:

Spot the joints: You say backup, I say archiving
The Register

January 8, 2014:

Storage in 2014: An overview

January 2, 2014:

Big Data and analytics: The year ahead
ZDNet News

January 2, 2014:

Top 5 Data Predictions
Inside HPC