June 16, 2021

Legacy Data Access Joins the Active Archive Alliance

Industry Alliance Grows as Active Archive Solutions Play Vital Role in Solving Healthcare Data Growth Challenges

BOULDER, Colo. June 16, 2021 – The Active Archive Alliance today announced that Legacy Data Access, the leading turnkey archival solution for hospitals and health systems, has joined the organization. Legacy Data Access joins a growing number of industry-leading storage and IT vendors collectively supporting the use of active archive solutions for data lifecycle management.

“We’re pleased to welcome Legacy Data Access to the Active Archive Alliance,” said Betsy Doughty, vice president of corporate marketing, Spectra Logic, and co-chairperson of the Active Archive Alliance. “As healthcare organizations grapple with managing and retaining massive volumes of digital healthcare data, such as patient records, digital scans and imaging, active archives are playing a critical role in providing fast, continuous data access and ensuring compliance with retention requirements.”

An active archive enables organizations across a wide array of industries to gain value from retained data quickly. It is a high-value, scalable storage architecture that grants online access to archival data throughout its lifecycle – efficiently and cost-effectively. For healthcare organizations, active archiving enables them to track patient diagnoses and treatments across multiple providers, ensures regulatory compliance by proving data security and availability, and supports telemedicine and telehealth.

Hospital IT leaders around the country trust Legacy Data Access’s secure active data archive solution. With Legacy Data Access (LDA), providers can sunset legacy systems and mainframes quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining full access and management of their retired data.

“At Legacy Data Access, we recognize that active data archives are essential in helping healthcare organizations maintain records and data sets that are crucial for delivering optimal patient outcomes and enabling operational efficiency,” said Dan Richards, chief revenue officer at Legacy Data Access. “LDA is the only archival solution to create proprietary new screens with similar orientation to previous systems, so healthcare organizations never have to convert data themselves, learn a new interface, or worry about data disruption. We’re excited to join the strong group of Alliance members and help provide IT leaders with ways to better manage data throughout its lifecycle while reducing data costs.”

Active Archive Alliance 2021 State of the Industry Report and Virtual Conference

The Active Archive Alliance recently issued its 2021 State of the Industry report and held its 2021 Virtual Conference, where member organizations led panel discussions and shared their expertise and best practices for active archiving.


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