June 21, 2023

Spectra Logic’s Bob Cone Named Co-Chairperson of the Active Archive Alliance

BOULDER, Colo., June 21, 2023 – The Active Archive Alliance today announced that Bob Cone, Director of Marketing at Spectra Logic, has been named co-chairperson of the organization. Cone will join co-chairperson Rich Gadomski in leading the organization and supporting its vision to promote awareness of active archive solutions for addressing the challenges of managing data at scale.

Cone has more than 30 years of experience in the storage industry working in sales, product management, marketing and corporate training roles.  In his current position, he focuses on addressing industry challenges related to the long-term storage and management of data. He is the co-author of “Society’s Genome – Genetic Diversity’s Role in Digital Preservation,” a book that explores the world’s vast amount of digital information and the numerous ways it can be destroyed or preserved for future generations.

“Bob has been a huge, long-term supporter of the Active Archive Alliance, and I’m pleased to have him join me in leading the organization,” said Rich Gadomski, co-chairperson of the Active Archive Alliance and head of tape evangelism at FUJIFILM Recording Media, USA, Inc. “He will be instrumental as we continue to promote understanding of the value of active archives for effective data management and provide thought leadership on disrupting traditional methods of managing and monetizing useful data at scale.”

An active archive model solves data growth challenges and allows today’s organizations to manage and access their archival data cost-effectively. An active archive enables data owners to build intelligent archival storage systems that combine flash, disk, optical and tape, in the data center and the cloud. These smart, flexible active archiving systems enable users to cost-effectively access, manage, and derive value from massively growing archives.

“I’m excited to serve in this role with the Active Archive Alliance at a time when active archives are increasingly being used to manage today’s explosive data growth cost-effectively,” said Cone. “The organization and its members are leading the effort to provide modern strategies for data management through a diverse set of products and services that help address the widespread challenges of relentless data growth and how to manage it effectively.”

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