April 26, 2023

Swiss Vault Joins the Active Archive Alliance

BOULDER, Colo., April 26, 2023 – The Active Archive Alliance today announced that Swiss Vault has joined the organization. The Active Archive Alliance is a collaboration of industry-leading storage and IT vendors that collectively support the use of active archive solutions for data lifecycle management.

“Active archiving technology is more relevant than ever as data is growing exponentially while its access, security and management throughout its lifecycle is getting more complex,” said Rich Gadomski, co-chairman of the Active Archive Alliance and head of tape evangelism at FUJIFILM Recording Media, USA, Inc. “Swiss Vault’s mission to provide economical, resilient and environmentally sustainable data management solutions aligns with ours, and we are pleased to welcome them to the Alliance.”

An active archive enables data owners to build intelligent archival storage systems that combine disk, flash, optical and tape in the data center and in the cloud. These smart, flexible active archiving systems enable users to access, manage, and derive value from massively growing archives cost-effectively. The heart of the active archive solution is an intelligent management layer, which provides views of data stored on multiple platforms as a virtual data repository. The software monitors and may migrate archival data across cost-effective storage tiers while maintaining accessibility and cybersecurity.

Swiss Vault, based in Princeton, New Jersey, created a breakthrough data-storage and active archiving platform for mission-critical computing that helps companies in life-advancing fields, such as genomics research, earth telemetry, mobility, media and entertainment, that need to rapidly capture, store, access and retrieve large volumes of data. The unique Vault File System (VFS) reduces the true cost of data storage by providing more security using less server and floor space. The system allows 14 times more stored data per conventional server volume (m3) while reducing the volume of data storage by up to 50%. Its self-healing feature protects against bit rot and corrupted and lost data files. The award-winning company also has received environmental acclaim for its solution, which is 10x more energy efficient and sustainable compared to standard hyper-converged data storage servers.

“We are excited to join other storage industry leaders in advancing the mission of the Active Archive Alliance,” said CEO Bhupinder Bhullar, PhD. of Swiss Vault. “We look forward to collaborating with other Alliance vendors to advance active archive solutions for intelligent data management.”

Interested in joining other leading active archive solution vendors in advancing modern strategies to solve data growth challenges? Visit the Active Archive Alliance Sponsorship page for more details on how your organization can benefit.

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