About Active Archive Alliance

The Problem: Difficulty managing and accessing data


  • Access and management of data throughout its life cycle is getting more complex
  • Data is growing exponentially and value of data is unpredictable
  • Data growth and cost to manage is outpacing IT budgets
  • Critical data needs to be rapidly available, secure and intact

The Solution: Active Archive

  • An active archive enables efficient access to data throughout its life
  • Active archives are compatible with flash, disk, tape, or cloud (public or private) block or object storage systems
  • They help move data to the appropriate storage tiers to minimize cost while maintaining ease of user accessibility

Benefits of an Active Archive Include


  • Automated, policy-based migration to free up primary storage as data ages, to simplify data life cycle management.
  • Data is  retrievable and searchable directly by end users regardless of
    where it’s stored.
  • Compatible with flash, disk, tape, or cloud (public or private), file, block or object storage systems


  • Effectively manage data from terabytes to Exabytes across multiple storage tiers without adding complexity.
  • Seamlessly add new storage  capacity or technologies for future growth and new use cases.
  • Data resiliency over time is the goal vs. data protection alone.

Cost Efficient:

  • Ability to automatically align data class with storage type and SLA requirements reduces TCO.
  • Optimize IT infrastructure to address data at all phases of it’s life cycle without added cost or complexity.
  • Frequency of access or policy determines  storage tier, reducing reliance on costly primary storage
  • Removes fixed data from backup set to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.


  • Leverage the flexibility of any storage type whether the data is on premise, off premise,  online or offline.
  • Diversity of storage ensures access and eliminates risk of data loss or cyber attack.
  • Provides ability to fulfill regulatory compliance and/or internal data retention policy requirements.

AAA Board of Directors

  • Peter Faulhaber, FUJIFILM

    Peter Faulhaber is president of FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc., a world leader of innovative data protection products and solutions that enable organizations to cost effectively manage exponential data growth. As president, he is responsible for overseeing the strategy, manufacturing, sales and marketing for Fujifilm, including the development and implementation of a competitive and profitable strategy for both North and South America regions. Peter joined Fujifilm in 2004 as Vice President, Business Development and OEM Sales, where he oversaw sales to all major OEM partners and was later promoted to Senior Vice President.

    Peter has more than 19 years of experience in the data storage industry. Before joining Fujifilm, Peter was the Group Vice President for EMTEC Magnetic, GmbH in Germany where he was responsible for the worldwide professional business of all optical and magnetic data storage products. Prior to that, Peter worked as the Controller for BASF, Germany.

    He has also been active in several industry trade associations including: Active Archive Alliance, where he is a board member; AFCOM; the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA); the Linear Tape-Open Consortium (LTO); the European Data Media Manufacturing Association (EMA); and the Tape Council.

    Faulhaber received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern in Kaiserslautern, Germany and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken, Germany.

  • Matt Starr, Spectra Logic

    Matt Starr’s tenure with Spectra Logic spans 22 years and includes experience in service, hardware design, software development, operating systems, electronic design and management. As CTO, he is responsible for the company’s engineering department, manufacturing operations and planning division.

    Matt served as the lead engineering architect for the design and production of Spectra’s tape library family. Spectra Logic has secured 36 tape library patents under Matt’s direction, establishing the company as the innovative technology leader in the data storage industry.

    He holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

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