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PoINT Storage Manager
PoINT Archival Gateway

PoINT Software & Systems is specialized in the development and distribution of software products for storage, management and long-term archiving of data using all available storage technologies like hard disks/flash, magnetic tapes, optical media, object and cloud storage. PoINT products allow efficient usage of storage systems and help to reduce costs and issues caused by data growth. The software products fulfill compliance and archiving requirements and provide independence from storage technologies and vendors. PoINTStorage Manager is a data and storage management software for migration and archiving of unstructured data in a tiered storage architecture. PoINT Archival Gateway is a tape-based S3 object storage. The software solution stores and manages huge amounts of data on tape libraries. For more information visit: www.point.de.

White Paper: PoINT Storage Manager
White Paper: PoINT Archival Gateway

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